Our Dogs

Beer & Dax

At the moment we own 2 males, the wish is to buy our first female in late 2023, early 2024.


Our first male is named Rostelley’s Angels Driven by Love, Aka Beer. Thanks to Bianca Smits (Kennel, Rostelley’s Angels) we are already 4 years proud owner of this male. As a puppy Beer was already demonstrating his opinion. Now he is a stable, watchful adult dog. The wish was there to breed with Beer. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, this is not possible.

Beer is born on April 7, 2018 and has been our loyal buddy since June 17, 2018. Together with Beer, I have already had the opportunity to go to a number of shows and get nice results. Beer is good at acting during such shows, he behaves at these times as a very loyal and command-oriented dog during these kinds of events. At home he is mainly a wonderful dog with an independent and stubborn character…….


Our second male is named Aurra Sing Meet Rostelleys New Dream aka Dax. Where he was imported to bring new bloodlines to the kennel of Rostelley’s Angels, and he is also intended, should all go well, to start the family pedigree of Echos of Fire. As a pup, Dax already clearly showed how open and approachable he is. Something we missed in Beer and what we found in this handsome boy.

Dax is born on May 3, 2022 and has been Beer’s faithful companion since August 18, 2022. Together with Dax I have competed a number of shows where he achieved excellent results. At home, he is a very quiet dog who is at ease everywhere. He has a sweet and caring character. If something happens in the house, he will be the first to turn up with his long nose. We are happy with the addition of Dax to our kennel…..