Our first male is named Rostelley’s Angels Driven by Love, Aka Beer. Thanks to Bianca Smits (Kennel, Rostelley’s Angels) we are already 4 years proud owner of this male. As a puppy, Beer was already demonstrating his opinion. Now he is a stable, watchful adult dog. The wish was there to breed with Beer. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, this is not possible.

Beer is born on April 7, 2018 and has been our loyal buddy since June 17, 2018. Together with Beer, I have already had the opportunity to go to a number of shows and get nice results. Beer is good at acting during such shows, he behaves at these times as a very loyal and command-oriented dog during these kinds of events. At home, he is mainly a wonderful dog with an independent and stubborn character.

Description Beer

Beer is about 34 cm tall and weighs around 6.5 kg. Beer is a nicely developed male with an expressive head, nice lines and a good character. He stands slightly high on his legs, but maintains a nice square shape because of his height and length. His coat is shiny and beautiful full red. Beer is a driven dog and full of energy. His puppy and adolescent years are now over and we see that he is now a balanced dog that fits well within our style of living. He likes to be on his own, but also likes to have people around him.

Until an age of 27 months, Beer achieved great results at the shows. After this, corona also started to move up in the Netherlands and showing became impossible. We have done some shows with Beer during this period, but the passion wasn’t there anymore. Beer is a nicely developed male with an expressive head, beautiful lines and a good character. Despite the fact that Beer got some nice results, we decided to stop showing him, also because of the negative outcome of his health examinations and the fact that he doesn’t always appreciate the hustle of shows and prefers to be at home with my husband.

Beer is most at ease in the surrounding forrest around our home, where we can also be found several times a week.

We are very grateful to Bianca for entrusting us with Rostelley’s Angels Driven by Love.


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