Aurra sing

Meet Rostelleys New Dream

International Junior Champion, Dutch Junior Champion, Belgium Junior Champion, Swiss Junior Champion, Holland Cup Junior Winner 2023, Alpen Junior Sieger 2023, Hop Prince 2023 and Clubwinner 2023

Our second male is named Aurra Sing Meet Rostelleys New Dream aka Dax. Where he was imported to bring new bloodlines to the kennel of Rostelley’s Angels, He is also intended, should all go well, to start the family pedigree of Echos of Fire. As a pup, Dax already clearly showed how open and approachable he is. Something we missed in Beer and what we found in this handsome boy.

Dax is born on May 3, 2022 and has been Beer’s faithful companion since August 18, 2022. Together with Dax I have competed a number of shows where he achieved excellent results. At home, he is a very quiet dog who is at ease everywhere. He has a sweet and caring character. If something happens in the house, he will be the first to turn up with his long nose. We are happy with the addition of Dax to our kennel…..

Description Dax

Dax is about 32 cm tall and weighs around 6 kg. Dax is a nicely developed male for his age and has an expressive, very attractive head. and an open character. Dax is nice in height and for his age has a nice front chest. His coat is shiny and has a nice full red color. In addition, Dax has nice, steady legs and is solidly built. This is something we liked a lot in his parents and ancestors. Dax is a passionate, friendly dog and is full of energy. A real puppy! Surprisingly, along with Bear, we find him already very mature and stable.

Dax is now an experienced show dog who has achieved great results both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Dax was examined for Patellar Luxation at the age of 12 months and was found to be free. He has also been tested for Ecvo and he has also been found to be free of this.

We are very grateful to Bianca for this unique cooperation with us. Of course, we are also very grateful to Marika from the kennel Aurra Sing for this fantastic male!


International Junior Champion
Dutch Junior Champion
Belgium Junior Champion
Swiss Junior Champion
Holland Cup Junior Winner 2023
Hop Prince 2023
Alpen Junior Sieger 2023

Clubwinner 2023

Show results Puppy:

5x VP

2x BOB-Baby

1x BISS-Baby

2x BOB-Puppy

Show results Junior class:

11x Excellent

1x Very Good (EDS)

8x BOB-Junior

3x BOB

3x BM1

7x BM2

2x res-CAC

3x CAC





2x Crufts qualification 2024

Other Show results:

4x Uitmuntend

1x Very Good (WDS)

1x res. BISS

3x BOB

3x BM1

1x BM2

4x CAC

1x res-CAC


1x res-FCI- CACIB (NL)

Clubwinner 2023


International Junior Champion

Dutch Junior Champion

Belgium Junior Champion

Swiss Junior Champion

Holland Cup Junior Winner 2023

Alpen Junior Sieger

Hop Prins 2023


Miniature pinschers

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