Echos of Fire

Passion for dogs

A small dog with a big character, you will find it at Echos of Fire! Our goal to breed happy and well-socialized Miniature Pinschers.

We are a small-scale kennel that presents and breeds Miniature Pinschers with great passion. This gives us the opportunity to give both the parent animals and the puppies the love they are supposed to receive. Our dogs are raised in our home and garden, we also like to the forests around our home town and in the mountains on one of our vacations

About us

My name is Gijs de Waard, together with my husband Michael Feij we own the kennel Echos of Fire. We are small hobby breeders who breed according to the standard of the FCI and the regulations of the Association of Breeders and Lovers of smooth-haired Miniature Pinschers and related breeds (VFLD).

Our kennel is located in Soesterberg (the Netherlands). We are fortunate that there are enough shows in the Netherlands every year where I can proudly present my dogs. In addition, I absolutely do not mind traveling for a show.

My first encounter with Miniature Pinschers is about 20 years ago. My parents liked this breed and the strength and passion of this breed has always stayed with me. Later, my husband and I purchased our first male dog in 2018. With this male we started showing and thanks to the many people around us, we learned a lot from those around us in the “dog world”. With in particular my “mentor” Bianca Smits……

Meet our dogs

We currently have 2 males, Beer (as Bear, not the drink…) and Dax are their names. In 2024 they will be joined by 2 females. These females will be imported to start new bloodlines in the Netherlands.

Both females born in 2024 will live with us.


Rostelley’s Angels Driven by Love, aka Beer.
When we think of our kennel name, Beer always comes to mind first. Fierce, powerful and above all extremely loyal. Beer is not a dog that is suitable for everyone, but we still enjoy the challenge every day. His strength lies in his endurance and loud welcome of our guests!


Aurra Sing Meet Rostelley’s new Dream, aka Dax. A male with a great character that everyone will fall in love with. Thanks to Dax, our love for this breed has only grown. Dax is a large male with high quality. His strength lies mainly in his floating gait and expression of his head. But above all a very loyal buddy for us!

Echos of Fire Presents E…. & F…..

To keep the excitement going, we would like to tell you more about our future plans. We hope to import 2 females in 2024. 2 completely different bloodlines that we think fit well with our current males. However, this does not mean that future females will be used combined by our boys. On the contrary, we have excluded Beer from breeding for health reasons. However, with the arrival of these 2 females, we are bringing 2 completely new lines to the Netherlands. Lines that match the vision of our kennel and the desire for elegant, well-formed Miniature Pinschers. The aim is to breed the first litters of our kennel with these females in 2026/27.

We hope to import another female in 2025, and we are looking for a co-parent for this.
Interested? Feel free to send a message for more information.


Miniature pinschers

Soesterberg, Nederland
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