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Oh well, sometimes you have to listen carefully to your dog and just stop! Bear is retired! You may be wondering what we mean by this at all, a healthy young dog in the middle of life and going everywhere with you. Well, let me explain that to you!

In early 2022, we did some health screenings with Bear. These are necessary if you want to breed with your dog. It turned out that Beer has patella luxation grade 2 in both knees. Something we were very shocked about and did not expect at all. You see and notice nothing on Beer! Still we have accepted it and decided, in consultation with our vet, to wait and see. Showing has no extra added value for Beer now and to be very honest, he didn’t like it anymore. Therefore we have decided that he is retired and will not be used for breeding, show* or for the kennel. Bear is the dog it all started with, this is what we want to take care of.

*At the age of 8 years we want to try to run some shows with him to get his last quarter point for the title Dutch Champion and the points for Veteran Champion.


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